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©1983, 2014 rod macdonald

blue flute music

box 3844

boynton beach, fl 33424

rod macdonald–guitar, vocal, harmonica

john kruth–flute, mandolin

joe henderson–electric guitar

nat seely–drums

bill merchant–bass

mark dann–bass (trk 2),  vocal (trk 9)

jeff hardy–bass (trk 5 & 6)

john lewis–piano

tom duval–vocal (trk 8 & 10)

lucy kaplansky–vocal (trk 8 & 10)

dave van ronk–vocal (trk 8)

judy molner–vocal (trk 9)

janet stecher–vocal (trk 9)

recorded 1983

by m klingman & g parker at high five studios, nyc

except a sailor’s prayer, every living thing recorded at cp sound, nyc

photos by bob zaidman

all words & music

©1983, 2014 rod macdonald, blue flute music (ascap) except american jerusalem ©1985 universal polygram int’l publishing, inc (ascap)

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