White Buffalo

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White Buffalo
White Buffalo
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White Buffalo was recorded in 1984 and 1985 by Mark Dann in his bedroom in Brooklyn. The group had to time the takes to avoid the sound of planes flying in and out of JFK International Airport. It was first released in 1985 on the Autogram label in Germany (including two different songs, “Hard Times” and Landlord Blues”), then in 1987 on the McDisk label in the US. In 1989 it was released nationally by Mountain Railroad Records.

In 1992 the Swiss label Brambus released the first CD version, which added three songs: “A Sailor’s Prayer” and “Every Living Thing” (which had earlier appeared on the LP No Commercial Traffic), plus “Routine day In Paridise.” In 1996 Gadfly Records of Burlington, VT, re-released the original US edition of ten songs which are below.

The original masters were re-mixed for the CD releases; though the music is the same, the sound fidelity is much better on the CDs. This recording is currently available in LP form ($20) or CD ($15) from Rod MacDonald, Box 2152, Delray Beach, FL 33447; and in CD (European version–$20 US) from Brambus, Box 44, Chur 7000, Switzerland email:[email protected], or (US version) Gadfly Records, Box 5231, Burlington, VT 05402 (802) 865-2406 e-mail: gadfly1

The musicians are:

Rod MacDonald–guitar, vocal, harmonica

Mark Dann–bass, guitar, vocals

John Kruth–mandolin

Howie Wyeth–drums

Seth Farber–organ

(1986 LP, cd 1990 Gadfly/Brambus Records)

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