Common Ground On The Hill July 12-17

Rod's upcoming classes are part of a three-week arts camp, with a wide range of classes in arts and music and an outstanding faculty. Registering for CGOTH includes access to catalog class offerings and free admission to evening events, including lectures and concerts with name artists, during the week. Classes are interactive and offer performance opportunities and individual and group feedback.

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Songwriting with Rod MacDonald

Period 1

From the beginner to the experienced writer, making real songs means respecting your inspiration and learning some technique. This course aims to get you started and give you the tools to express yourself in music and words. Speak your mind in an artistic and convincing way, with humor, anger, poetic and musical artistry, storytelling, character, and facts, and be understood clearly. Sing Out! calls Rod “A modern day troubador of the people and for the people." Singing Your Favorite Songs

Period 2

Explore the art of singing in individual and group settings, choosing favorite material and presenting it with confidence, by learning to sing it in your natural voice. This interactive workshop will aim to bring out the best in your voice.
Big Song Swap

Period 5

Rod MacDonald, Susan Boyer Haley, Bob Lucas, Elizabeth Melvin, Livia Vanaver, Michael Ronstadt, Petie Ronstadt.

Faculty and students come together in a feast of good songs: traditional, original, old, and new. In an era of musical hype and performance overload, this is a rare opportunity to sing, play and even just listen. Teachable songs with good choruses are highly encouraged! Faculty will facilitate the class, making sure that all those who care to do so will share or lead a song.
Period 5 ~ Rod MacDonald, Susan Boyer Haley, Bob Lucas, Elizabeth Melvin, Livia Vanaver, Michael Ronstadt, Petie Ronstadt.

Songwriting Workshops

"Songwriting For Self Expression" and "Songwriting & Current Events" are for beginning thru advanced songwriters, to inspire and sharpen each writer's skill and ability to express oneself.

  • At the New York Open Center,
  • the Amp Shop in West Palm Beach,
  • Common Ground on the Hill,
  • the Southeast Unitarian-Universalist Summer Institute,
  • the Endicott (NY) Arts Center,
  • S Florida Folk Festival,

from one session to several, sometimes one evening a week.


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No Commercial Traffic (NCT) / And Then He Woke Up (TWU) / Into The Blue (ITB) / Recognition (R) / A Tale Of Two Americas (TTA) / After The War (ATW)

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