A Page of Quotes

“Rod MacDonald is a brilliant folk singer and composer. His melodic songs possess words that go straight into your heart and soul.” Atlantic City (NJ) Press

“Stereotype-defying originals…… His songs are mostly empathetic, character-driven allegories, funneling the human experience through the eyes of fictional but universally recognizable men and women.” City Link (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

“He still puts together witty lyrics and compelling guitar playing better than almost any performer on today’s folk scene” Telegraph Correspondent (Londonderry, NH)

“The lyrics are required reading for those who fancy themselves songwriters….Excellent!.” Victory Review

“The tie that binds is the intelligent craftsmanship of the songs–and the thoughtful performances that follow” Palm Beach (FL) Post

“A poet with a lot on his mind who has never allowed himself to make points at the expense of making music.” Boston Globe

“With his pure emotive tenor and stirring, catchy tunes, MacDonald is one of the most apealing singer-songwriters…..Add thoughtful lyrics that touch on a variety of political and social issues, and you have a remarkable artist.” All-Music Guide

“One of the most highly regarded singer-songwriters working in North America today” Fast Folk Musical Magazine

“Politics, passion, and a sense of humor” The Village Voice

“A creator of classics……he has never stopped writing songs of scope and daring, nor singing in his high, sweet voice…..Rod MacDonald may be folk’s greatest under-recognized musician.” Boston Herald

“And Then He Woke Up ….really reaches out to the ears. And with Rod MacDonald’s songwriting, it is potent stuff.” Sing Out!

“One of contemporary music’s most gifted songwriters.” Syracuse Herald-American

“A superb songwriter.” Arizona Daily Star

“An important new folk artist.” Folk Roots (Great Britain)

“MacDonald’s songs combine poetic vision and journalistic insight.” Dirty Linen

“A keen sense of humor, an ingratiating way with romantic songs, and just enough recklessness to keep an audience wondering.” Buffalo Daily News

“MacDonald’s driving guitar strums, blasting harmonica licks and seductive singing provide him with a distinctive position in acoustic music.” New Times (Syracuse, NY)