The American Guerillas

The American Guerillas

The Midwest Book Review writes "The American Guerillas vividly entertains with a story line that includes time travel, the tarot, and Native American spirituality, and mixing a love story with a crime narrative....An original and entertainingly compelling read from cover to cover....especially and unreservedly recommended for community library collections."

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The American Guerillas

From its pastoral opening to its concluding serenade, The American Guerillas treats the reader to exciting episodes of romance, police chases, individual confrontations, and military camaraderie. Yet, above all, it's a story of lovers who must risk everything to solve a mystery if they are to have a chance at staying together.

A love letter to the genre of magic realism, this book vividly entertains with time travel, the tarot, and Native American spirituality, mixing a love story with a crime narrative. Originally begun nearly four decades ago, The American Guerillas is the second published novel by Rod MacDonald.

During the decades between the book's origin and its publication, MacDonald became best known as a singer/songwriter and interpreter of American song, as well as a lecturer on music history at Florida Atlantic University. He has released thirteen solo albums and achieved prominence as a writer, performer, and educator. MacDonald now lives in Delray Beach, Florida, with his wife and their two children.